Episode #604 Of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology | PLUGHITZ Live

The EU Wants To Unify Mobile Chargers To Reduce Electronic Waste

When you change your phone, it also means a charger change — and the European Union is aware of that. In an attempt to eliminate electronic waste, they announced some years ago that they intended to unify mobile chargers across all manufacturers.

Meta Apologizes Amid Controversies

Meta (formerly known as Facebook, Inc) is a name that rarely leaves the headlines. Sadly, all those feature articles are not always positive for their reputation and public image. This time, Meta was involved in a big scandal regarding a huge stockpile of leaked documents.

Twitch Makes An Agreement With NMPA: What Does It Mean?

YouTube can be very stringent with music copyright, taking serious measures depending on the claim, from placing ads for the musician to muting that audio. Twitch was a paradise for streamers to avoid that kind of DMCA strike. However, last year, that freedom came to an end.

PLUGHITZ Live: Keeping You Up-To-Date With Tech News

This piece’s heading says it all; you just read the summary of episode #604 of PLUGHITZ Live’s show, F5 Live: Refreshing Technology. If you are looking for a trusted and dynamic technology show, you can tune in with us!



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