EU’s Targeting Apple By Trying To Unify Chargers, Again | PLUGHITZ Live

Apple devices charging

What’s Happening?

The EU’s regulations require that all phones should be able to charge via a universal charger, like micro-USB or USB-C. When this original regulation came out, the only big manufacturer that didn’t bend to use a micro-USB charging port was Apple.

The EU Plan

The EU decided it was time to fix and update the regulation-making the USB-C port the standard. But not everything went as expected. The European Commission (EC) and the industry couldn’t find a middle ground to benefit every party involved and the consumers.

Does This Regulation Affect Apple?

Bluetooth is now the typical way to connect any phone to any speaker or other gadgets, even TVs if you want to. And being objective, Apple doesn’t make much use of the Lightning connector for anything special that USB-C couldn’t do.

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