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2 min readMar 25, 2022

Get to know more about Epic Games suing Apple & Google, Messenger’s new encryption, Netflix blocking IP Addresses, and more in this blog. Keep reading!

The tech world moves faster than we could imagine; trends come and go, which is why tech news remains relevant.

In this episode of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, you’ll be able to know more about smart home projects, the battle Epic Games are holding against Apple and Google, Messenger’s new encryption, and Netflix blocking IP Addresses.

Keep reading to expand on this news and enjoy the tech journey!

Matter, The New Smart Home Standard, Is Delayed Until 2022

Owners of smart home systems may know about Zigbee, but the company recently changed its name to Matter.

Matter is the new expected generation of Zigbee, but it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting it soon. Developers intended this new standard to enter the market in 2021. However, some software delays were causing the launch to move to 2022, at the earliest.

Learn more about the delay and the company’s change here.

Epic Games Vs. Google and Apple

Epic Games is suing Google and Apple. You never thought you’d read that, huh? According to them, the corporations act like monopolies in their control of mobile apps on Android and iOS devices.

The lawsuit arose after Epic Games installed its own payment system to Fortnite’s mobile edition. This action violated both businesses’ app store regulations, stipulating that outside companies must make payments made within their shops through their extremely expensive payment systems.

Learn more about the dispute

Messenger’s New Encryptions

Facebook Messenger has introduced encryption to its audio and video calling functions, joining WhatsApp and Instagram as the third encryption-focused messaging app.

This comes after the business said that encryption would be implemented “end to end” across its messaging suite, including private chats.

Expand on Messenger’s updated info

Netflix’s Blocking Consumer IP Addresses

The company has begun restricting IP addresses that are commonly known to belong to residential IP subnets as part of its new policy.

Know more about this measure here.

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