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General Motors & Subaru’s Production Break

Due to chip shortages, both General Motors and Subaru have announced a temporary production stoppage from September 7th to September 10th. Chip shortages have impacted nearly every industry in general, but few have been hit as hard as automakers.

Pokemon Go Finally Has A Response

There’s something that always helped Pokemon Go have a steady place in the industry, and it was their connection with the users. However, that important relationship almost got lost. When everyone is locked down for health and safety issues, any getaway trip was an adventure, even if it was only around your house.

Yik Yak’s Back: New Chance or New Chaos?

The Yik Yak name has a bad reputation; the app was the perfect place for local bullies to do their thing without repercussions. The app was a nightmare that made schools ban it from their students for safety.

Locast Says Goodbye

Locast allowed users to stream local channels without any cost; this led major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX to start a case against the site owners. The situation ended in court when a judge decided that Locast was, in fact, having profited from their users even when they claimed to be a “non-profit organization.”

Dive Deeper With PLUGHITZ Live

Watch episode #603 of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology to get into deeper details of the news mentioned above. Join Scott and Avram’s talk and experience their point of view!



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