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2 min readMar 25, 2022

General Motors and Subaru are pausing their production due to chip shortages temporarily. Keep reading to know more about the motives of this halt!

Big news here: General Motors and Subaru are temporarily pausing their production due to chip shortages. This action has had a big impact on the car-making industry.

If you want to learn more about the motives of this halt, how the industry is dealing with chip shortages, and the forecast for the companies, keep reading! We’ll cover everything you need to know in this piece!

The Production Cease

It was unexpectedly expected when we got the news that General Motors and Subaru announced a temporary production suspension due to chip shortages.

General Motors will stop its production at nearly all of its facilities in the United States throughout September, while Subaru will pause its production facilities in Japan for four days.

Sadly, chip shortages have affected almost everyone in the industry; but no one has been affected like carmakers have.

Subaru’s Japanese production stop will affect the production of the BRZ, Crosstrek, and Forester. On the other hand, General Motors will shut down the production of Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra vehicles at facilities in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Silao, Mexico.

Get the detailed locations and models that’ll be affected at The Upstream.

The Downside

All of these closures will almost certainly exacerbate the market’s already difficult situation. The current crunch has been contributed to by the chip shortage, which has caused a lack of new vehicles (particularly trucks) and driven up pricing and demand for used ones.

Initially, the automobile makers had expected the shortage to swiftly dissipate, continuing to produce vehicles at or above 99% of original capacity. However, that didn’t happen yet.

The Forecast

Numerous factors have caused product shortages for nearly every sector, many of which were triggered by COVID lockdowns.

Taiwan’s manufacturing industries have been negatively impacted, adding to the problem. Many businesses that build their semiconductors do not complete the end product; in reality, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) performs this operation for numerous people.

Although TSMC predicted that things would get worse for a long time, things have improved recently. Other companies have stepped in to help produce chips, allowing TSMC to catch up on its backlog. Hopefully, within the next year, we will begin to see the shortage lessen.

Get The Details Straight

Find everything about GM and Subaru’s production break at PLUGHITZ Live’s blog, The Upstream; in there, you can go on with full details about the situation.

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