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3 min readMar 25, 2022

Want to find a way to take all the advantages possible from your computer by knowing how to use the number pad? Keep reading and use those 14 keys right!

If your computer has a number pad and you’re not an accountant or a programmer, what do you use it for? Most people would say “for nothing.” It may seem useless when you have all the numbers lined up above the keyboard’s letters — but the truth is, it isn’t.

Want to find a way to take all the advantages possible from your computer by knowing how to use the number pad? Then this tech piece is for you, keep reading and use those 14 keys right!

Want The Basics? Try SharpKeys

SharpKeys is a tool that will remap one key to another. If you want, for example, your number pad plus and minus keys to control the volume of Windows, you can do that with SharpKeys. This program does not run in the background so that it won’t cause any lag on your system.

It’s a one-to-one map without any extra features. If simplicity is more your thing, SharpKey is the program for you.

Give AutoHotKey a Shot for Advanced Functions

AutoHotkey is a more complex tool that can allow you to do more than just remapping keys’ functions. You can make macros, write common sentences, launch apps, and even execute commands that don’t count on your keyboard shortcuts.

If the Notepad didn’t have the ctrl + s keyboard shortcut for save, AutoHotkey could help you by turning your keyboard keys and combinations into a command. This way, you could reprogram ctrl + s to manually type out alt, f, s and save the file.

You can also restrict the range of keyboard macros. Perhaps you want only one key to execute in Microsoft Edge. In this case, you may use ctrl + s to perform something different, such as clicking on a save button on the screen. Then, in Notepad, you could use the same key combination to do something else.

Windows Mouse Keys: Your Practical Pal

Windows Mouse Keys is a user-friendly keyboard software that allows people to use their keyboard as a mouse for actions that require them to move the mouse pointer.

You can find it by searching “mouse keys” in the Windows 10 menu or the Settings app. This option lets you use the arrow keys on your number pad to move the cursor up, down, left, right, and diagonals. While it may be a practical feature, it’s not for everyone, so keep that in mind.

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