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Meta, previously known as Facebook, can’t stay out of the news. Want to know what happened now the company? Then, keep reading, the read it’s surely worthy.


Meta’s In Trouble, Again!

Meta, previously known as Facebook, Inc, can’t stay out of the news. This time, troll farms, drug and human trafficking being ignored are part of the picture after a huge stockpile of documents from the company leaked.

Would just an apology be enough this time? What changes is the company making? Keep reading to find the answer to those questions. We’ll go through the case, providing you with some more insight.

What Happened?

The Wall Street Journal published some articles about the Meta, based on a massive cache of leaked papers. Including special VIP regulations that allowed millions of users to violate their standards without consequence.

They were also promoting content troll farms in the United States. These farms were knowingly harming women (through Instagram mainly). Meta, instead, was ignoring drug and human traffickers and even weakening the company’s COVID efforts.

What’s Meta Promising?

In the apology from an unknown source of the company, they stated that “In the past, we didn’t address safety and security (…) in the product development process. Instead, we made improvements reactively in response to a specific abuse. But we have fundamentally changed that approach”.

The key change is incorporating safety and security into the product design and development process in this situation. As everyone knows, security is the most critical aspect of a product. It should be examined and decided upon at a high level before the first line of code is produced.

If you try to set security processes in place afterward, you’ll always be reacting; and reactionary solutions are never effective like they say they were in the statement. Alex Stamos, the company’s former chief security officer, also stated that the problem comes from the company’s inside, with many issues among VPs, directors, and executives.

This problem indicates that including security as an important element of the development process won’t be simple. To implement these changes in any meaningful way, Meta will require a complete revolution in corporate culture.

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