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Meta’s In Trouble, Again!

Meta, previously known as Facebook, Inc, can’t stay out of the news. This time, troll farms, drug and human trafficking being ignored are part of the picture after a huge stockpile of documents from the company leaked.

What Happened?

The Wall Street Journal published some articles about the Meta, based on a massive cache of leaked papers. Including special VIP regulations that allowed millions of users to violate their standards without consequence.

What’s Meta Promising?

In the apology from an unknown source of the company, they stated that “In the past, we didn’t address safety and security (…) in the product development process. Instead, we made improvements reactively in response to a specific abuse. But we have fundamentally changed that approach”.

Let Us Keep You Posted

If you’re interested in tech news and the tech world overall, we’re your best source. Keep reading about Meta’s security issues at The Upstream. You can also watch our show on PLUGHITZ Live. Everything you need to know about this incident is there. Our hosts will give you more extended and detailed information with the right insights.



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