Pokémon Go: The Good & Bad During The Pandemic | PLUGHITZ Live

How It Happened

During the lockdowns, Niantic made various adjustments to try and keep the game playable and the users’ health unthreatened. To maintain a greater distance between players, they modified the range from stops and gyms.

The *Almost* Downfall Of Pokémon Go

When these features went into effect, people thought that they would be taken away eventually. Nobody expected they would become permanent additions, even though the changes made the gameplay better and more people came back to playing during the lockdowns.

The Response

Steve Wang, the Executive Producer of Pokémon Go, wrote a blog post where he recognized on the company’s behalf that they made a mistake in making these changes without the right communications with players.

  • The publication of a developer diary to share the latest priorities, events, and features for the game.
  • The set up of regular conversations with community leaders.
  • And the update of the Known Issues page, prioritizing visibility into the status of existing bugs for Trainers.

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