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2 min readMar 25, 2022

In a digital era where almost nothing is private, some things need to stay personal. Keep reading to know more about how T-Mobile handled this issue.

Data breaches are more common than you could imagine in the tech news world. Still, their regularity doesn’t make them less concerning. This time, it was the turn for T-Mobile to experience a data breach (again), affecting millions of users.

In a digital era where almost nothing is private, some things need to stay personal; keep reading to learn more about how this incident happened and how T-Mobile handled it.

The Breach

As mentioned above, it’s pretty common to hear about data breaches across the tech world; however, some companies tend to be easy targets for hackers. T-Mobile is one of them.

Over the past years, T-Mobile has constantly been a victim of hackers, putting their client’s information at risk. And that happened again, affecting approximately 40 million people.

The data breach information appeared first in a post from the dark web, offering data for sale. Many posts confirmed that the data was legit. The hacker claimed to have the information of 100 million customers from T-Mobile and Sprint.

The information hacked included delicate, essential, and identifiable data, including names, addresses, date of birth, phone, credit card, and social security numbers.

This revelation alarmed many customers, who were concerned that their identities would be compromised. And, with no official response from T-Mobile for an inconveniently long period, the fear naturally grew.

The Response

After the panic had haunted millions of people, T-Mobile released a statement to confirm that the hackers from the dark web had stolen data. The company stated that they were conscious of the ongoing breach but weren’t sure about the exact information that they accessed. They believe that around 49 million customers were part of the data breach.

T-Mobile has set up protection services for customers as part of its commitment to affected users, providing them with Scam Shield, which serves as Account Takeover Protection and provides two free years of McAfee ID Theft Protection Service.

Unlike previous breaches with other companies, T-Mobile has offered identity protection services; however, this one may be necessary.

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Certainly, there’s more about this situation that we didn’t cover here. If you’re interested in getting the whole picture, head to The Upstream; in there, you’ll find all the details about the case.

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