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Everyone knows that Twitch streamers could play any song with a copyright-free privilege. However, that came to an end. Want to know more? Keep reading.

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Twitch And NMPA’s Agreement

The pandemic made 2020 a harsh year. Even when we were in lockdown and the gaming community was at its peak, some platforms suffered; Twitch was one of those.

We’ve all seen at least one stream on Twitch. We know how any streamer could play any song without fear of repercussion.

Unlike YouTubers who had to make sure to not even have low music playing in the background, or the platform would take the videos down. For Twitch users, that copyright-free privilege came to an end out of nowhere.

What Was The Issue With Twitch’s Actions?

When Twitch erased stream videos without warning, they issued an apology for the bad handling of the situation; Twitch didn’t say more about it. While there was some conjecture as to the cause of those incidents, the smart money was on the Twitch community’s utter disdain for copyright laws.

Twitch streamers, in particular, have been using music in their streams without the necessary permissions. That situation led the corresponding institutions to work on the issue, ensuring Twitch applied the right penalties.

The Agreement With NMPA

Twitch and the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) launched a partnership. It’ll allow the two organizations to develop new ways for streamers to collaborate. Those collabs will be done with music rights owners in order to create new content.

The partnership, however, has resulted in a new way of reporting breaches to the platform. One crucial thing to note here is that the method for reporting breaches for NMPA members will be different and more direct. NMPA notices, like DMCA notices on Twitch, will first result in a warning, similar to how DMCA notices function on YouTube.

Offending content, including VOD and Clips, will be removed from the platform after being reviewed and confirmed by humans at Twitch. However, this agreement between Twitch and the NMPA made one thing abundantly clear: it does NOT imply that you can use music in your stream.

Expand On The Issue At PLUGHITZ Live

Tune in with us at PLUGHITZ Live and get all the details about Twitch and NMPA’s agreement. You can read the whole issue at The Upstream, too. Don’t miss out and be properly informed.




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