Windows 11 Complicated Default Browser System ​| PLUGHITZ Live

The Process of Default Browsers

Being able to change default apps, like your browser, used to be an easy task. In fact, most browsers used to ask you if you wanted to set them as a default browser in a pop-up banner that would display across your screen. It was as easy as clicking “yes” or “no.”

They’re More Than Just Windows’ Glitches

Glitches happen, we know that; however, these issues are more than just glitches. Some areas of the OS entirely disregard your default browser setting. If you run a Windows Search and click on a result, the page will not open in your default browser. Instead, no matter what, it opens in Microsoft Edge.

What Does Microsoft Say?

The modifications, according to Microsoft, are meant to provide users with more control over which browsers do what. Actually, you can open *.htm files in a different browser than *.html ones.

Handle Windows 11 Like a Pro

Want a full and detailed explanation of Windows 11 and its complicated default browser process? Tune in with Avram Piltch at PLUGHITZ Live’s show, Piltch Point. In there, you’d find more information about Windows updates and how to handle them.



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